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Sutter County is in the process of migrating existing web applications to our new website. This web application will reside on our temporary website until a migration is fully completed.
Welcome to the
Unsecured Tax Search
and Online Payments
Please read the following and click 'Continue' to Search Assessments.

You may now pay your Sutter County Unsecured Taxes online using a Master Card or Visa Card, debit card or by e-check.

To Pay Unsecured Tax:

1. Use your Tax bill to find the Assessment or Account Number; or
Search for your street address.

2. When you find the Assessment that you want to Pay; Click the "Online Payments" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Read the Terms of Use and click the "I Agree" button at bottom. (Once per session)

4. Any unpaid Taxes on that Assessment for that year will be displayed. A ShoppingCart 'logo' (link) is displayed with the number of tax assessments you have selected.

5. Select (check) 1 payment option per assessment and click the "Add to Cart" button

6. Click the "Add next" to add more payments (up to 10) to your Cart from various Assessments or parcels;
or you may continue to the 'Checkout' from the Payment or Cart pages at any time.